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Glimpses of the
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Shooting Star
Shooting Star

The Shooting Star is seldom found elsewhere, but it thrives along this SE MN scenic byway.

More than a dozen other distinctive wildflowers are found along the Shooting Star Scenic Byway, too.

A whole photo album of many of these varieties and the story of how the remnants of the once abundant tall grass prairie habitat has been preserved by volunteers in the region can be viewed at the link at the top of this page, or here:  Photo Essay: Wildflowers of a Remnant Tall Grass Prairie.
Many More Wildflowers in SE MN
Blazing Star
Blazing Star
Wildflowers bloom at all different seasons, so repeat visits to the area will offer new delights each visit.

Since the Shooting Star Trail parallels the byway for much of the way, visitors can use many of the trail amenities such as covered benches, paved trail near car parking areas, rest rooms, and all the other services in the nearby small cities:
 Rose Creek

There is seasonal camping at Lake Louise State Park and at the Adams city park. Local eating and lodging is handy, too. 

Black Eyed Susan 
Black Eyed Susan
Echinacea (aka Coneflower) 
Echinacea (aka Purple Coneflower)