Only a few places are left where one can find the native wildflowers that once abounded across hundreds of miles of prairie.  Only a few remnants of those prairies and their wildflowers are left in Minnesota.  But along the Shooting Star Scenic Byway and Lake Louise in Southeast Mower County Minnesota anyone can revisit some nearly pristine prairie and ancient flowers.  One of the most rare flowers is the delicate Shooting Star, now believed to remain only in the areas along the Shooting Star Scenic Byway.

Preserving and recovering more abundant wildflower growth has been enhanced through the practice of prescribed (controlled) burning. This is a coordinated effort by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Mower County, and the local Fire Departments of Rose Creek, Adams, and LeRoy.

It is the dedicated citizens from four small cities, Adams, LeRoy, Rose Creek and Taopi and others in SE Mower County who have cooperatively worked on a number of projects for nearly 20 years to preserve the existing wildflower areas and to spread the growth of wildflowers. Through their organization, "Prairie Visions" they have accomplished much to get the designation of the "Shooting Star Scenic Byway" on the national and state registry and to get the "Shooting Star Recreational Trail" built from mostly federal sources along with state allocations.  The  "Friends of Lake Louise State Park" and the MN Department of Natural Resources have also been instrumental in preserving the rich, natural heritage of the prairie and its floral beauty.

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Wildflowers are the jewels of the public lands.
Like any treasure, they must be protected for all to enjoy.
Take a drive, hike or bike ride to stop & view the wildflowers.
     *Take only photographs and memories when you leave.
     *Don't pick or dig up the flowers (some are protected or endangered species).
     *Tread lightly, what you step on may be a flower not yet in bloom.
     *Don't be afraid to ask for information on wildflowers.
     *Get involved! Explore volunteer opportunities on your public lands.

Come with me as I take you on a brief tour of where you can see the Wildflowers on the Remnant Tall Grass Prairie, Scenic Byway and in Lake Louise St. Park.
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This web page also includes brief information about each town (Rose Creek, Adams, Taopi, LeRoy) and Lake Louise State Park.

Prescribed burning is today's best way to preserve the native prairie which is a fire-dependant ecosystem. 

For more information about:

  • What to burn
  • When to burn
  • Why use prescribed burn methods 
  • How much to burn
  • Who conducts the burn






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